Update week #2: Snacking too much

This week was a pretty nice week, but not when looking at weight loss. I am still keeping up the exercise routines so that’s at least something to be proud of. However, I realized that I don’t really know what I’m doing. Ofcourse I can continue following the television program every day, but this is basically the bare minimum. I can do some push-ups and exercises for the belly muscles, but I don’t know anything about it.

So, I went to look around on the internet to see if I could find some information about that. What is a good workout? Should you work yourself in sweat or take breaks? And what are good exercises to do to loose weight? So far, Google hasn’t really been helpful with these questions so I plan on looking deeper into it. After all, there should be plenty of options for people that don’t want to go to the gym for whatever reason.

Today I don’t really feel like exercising. Instead I’m planning on cycling for an hour or so later in the afternoon. It’s cold outside, but dry so cycling around should be pretty nice. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the house instead of being closed up inside all the time. Now what I did the past week:


After a terrible night of not sleeping until 02.30 and feeling depressed and terrible, I stayed in bed the morning. Luckily I felt a lot better after doing some exercise and having a nice breakfast of oatmeal pancakes with banana.


I read the book “blogging for dummies” where they said that to get people to notice your blog, getting social media accounts for it would be a great plan. So, I decided to make an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. Looking back this wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had. Even though it does bring people to my website, it took me forever to understand how those accounts work. Instagram doesn’t work on the laptop so I can only place pictures with my mobile phone. Fine! I’ll install Instagram on that too then. Twitter works on the laptop, but before you do anything, it does demand your phone number. Now, I know privacy is a hard things these days but really? So, heavily frustrated and some hours of yelling (yes, I will admit, I really did that) to the laptop later, I had it working.


Bellyaches and headaches but that didn’t stop me in my mission. Once outside it was raining and the wind was pretty bad but this also didn’t stop me in my mission. I was going to pick up my package with books. Being very grateful for the invention of the storm-umbrella I cycled through the weather to go to my place of destination, a shopping mall about 4 km. from my house. Even though it’s great exercise, these are the moments I really wish I had a driver’s license and a car. Later that day I went to make a bananabread that kinda failed. It didn’t taste bad but I haven’t managed to find a bananabread where I like the structure. I don’t know, it just seems too soft and mushy.

This was also the day where I decided to give myself a new rule. Like I mentioned before, it wasn’t a very good week for weight loss. Why? Because I keep snacking on everything I have in the house. Candy, cookies, nuts… I don’t want to deny myself all those things, in fear of stopping with being on a diet within 2 days then. So the new rule is: I can eat it, but only on a planned snack moment. This means I actually take the time to enjoy it, rather than just grabbing it while I do other things. So I make tea, fill a small (yes, SMALL) bowl with whatever I want and enjoy a nice 15 minutes for myself. I do this once a day (usually in the afternoon) and this works pretty well.


a very easy quiet day where I spoiled myself a bit by reading books and watching a movie. Around 15.30 I went to get a good exercise and after that I went on my way to a restaurant to meet my sister. For myself the rule is very easy when it comes to going out for dinner: Enjoy it and eat everything you want. I have this rule however, because I almost never go out for dinner and because I know that I can keep myself from overeating. Of course, overeating is something that happens a bit, since I eat more than I do at home. 3 courses instead of 1. However, I think portion sizes are pretty reasonable. So, after mustard soup, stuffed sole with salmon and an amazing sweet sorbet, I was ready to go home again.


Also this day was a day of being easy on myself. Belly was hurting again so reading, watching a movie and waiting till I felt better.


Yes! I feel a lot better. Cleaned up the house, packed the dishwasher and spend a few hours on the blogpost Making excuses to not start with a diet. This means doing some research on the subject, trying to figure out what I think is important to tell and sorting all the subjects into a blogpost that’s good to read.

And now it’s Monday, meaning time to get on the scale again. This time the outcome was 85,3. Not as good as I had hoped but I have to admit, I kinda expected it. I haven’t been behaving really well this week when it came to snacking so it’s my own fault. Still, it’s not a bad thing since I did loose 0,6 kg. I guess that’s more than I deserve…

Next week will probably not be much better. On Saturday boyfriend will come pick me up, on Sunday we’ll leave for Denmark. This means that there’s a lot of (unhealthy) Dutch things that I want to eat now, because I won’t be able to in the next few months. Deep inside I know it’s a bit stupid. After all, those things will still be there when I’m back. But I give myself the excuse that I have to do all that time without.

I also have to admit, in the last week I have developed a small addiction to chocolate-chip cookies. Normally I’d try to figure out a way to stop myself from eating them but since I’m 1 week away from going to a country without them, I just hope I can be more healthy there. Then again, they do have the most amazing cakes and bread, so maybe I’m just doomed.

Anyway, I hope I can keep myself in check in the next week and my next update will come from Denmark. Have a nice week everyone!

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