Salmon cocktail

Fish is really one of my favorite things to eat. It’s healthy, tasty and it has an endless amount of possibilities to prepare it. In this case I chose a salmon cocktail, found on this website by Brendakookt. This dish can be used as an entree, but if divided in smaller glasses it can also be a nice small bite or amuse for in between meals. In this case you make a whiskey sauce to go with it. Only issue, I never drink whiskey. If you want to make it the way it’s supposed to be, add a bit of whiskey to the sauce. If you have kids or (like me) don’t like it, just leave it out.
The great thing is, you can do a lot of these things the day before, so that way if you have a dinner party with friends, it’s very easy to prepare on the day itself and won’t take you any more than 10 minutes.

What you need for 2 well filled wine glasses or 4 small glasses:

1 can of salmon without fish bones
50 ml. mayonnaise (I used 1 with less than 5 percent fat, but full fat does taste better)
12 ml. yoghurt (I have a milk allergy so I used soy yoghurt, this is just fine)
dash of ketchup
half a grilled pepper (you can buy those in jars)
3 small to medium sized pickles
2 small hands of iceberg lettuce
1/4 small red onion
pepper and salt.
(dash of whiskey if you prefer this)

If you bought salmon with fishbones, you’ll need to remove them first. This is a job that takes a while to do (about 15 minutes) but luckily you can do this the day before.
Cut the grilled pepper, the red onion and the pickles in small pieces.
If you want the iceberg lettuce to be very crunchy it’s best to wait till right before you want to serve the dish and then cut it. I can however say from experience it still tastes very good if you cut the lettuce the day before.

Put the mayonnaise, a dash of ketchup and the yoghurt in a bowl and mix together.
Mix the salmon with the pickles, grilled pepper and red onion. (Keep some pieces apart, you need them for garnish).
Cover it all up with foil and put in the fridge till you’re going to use it.

Take out a wineglass or some other nice looking glasses and start building by adding some of the salmon mixture. Then add some iceberg lettuce, a little bit of the sauce and the salmon mixture again. Make sure you divide this over the glasses so they all have the same quantity in the end. End with a nice layer of sauce and put the leftover pickles, pepper and onion on it as garnish.


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