Penguin bookmark

I love reading and I have to admit, even though I think these bookmarks are extremely cute, I barely use them. Whenever I get a book in my hands I want to finish it asap. That means I will read it from beginning to end, forgetting all about things I have to do other than reading. Shopping for groceries? Cooking dinner? Cleaning the house? Who cares!
When I’m reading, I don’t hear anything around me either. People have been complaining they have called my name over and over, without me even looking up. When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to read books before school, because it’d take my mom forever to get me to get ready. So, usually I don’t need bookmarks since I don’t stop reading.

However, there are those days that I don’t have any other choice but doing the things I have to do. Most people don’t accept the excuse “Sorry I’m 3 hours late, but I really wanted to finish my book.” On those days I’m usually stubborn. I look at the page number, close the book, and immediately forget the number again. So I’ll start to spread some of these cuties around the house. Maybe I’ll change my mind about using them.

What you need:

    • Black paper (size doesn’t matter)
    • White paper (Size doesn’t matter)
    • Dark yellow paper (Size doesn’t matter)
    • Square paper to make the bookmark, in whichever color you want
    • Glue
    • Little scissors
    • A pen or a pencil

Extra: As you can see, I used a little red bow tie. I have a paper cutter for this. If you don’t have this, you can try to cut it out yourself.

What you also need is the following stencil: You can either print it, or copy it by placing paper on your computer and tracing the lines.


Start with cutting out the shapes on the paper and then trace them with a pencil on the right color paper. Cut those out as well and turn them so that you don’t see the lines you used for tracing.

Glue the shapes together, being careful to put glue in the sides with pencil on it, and to glue the eyes and beak a bit high on the head (looks more cute I think).

Now we’re going to fold the bookmark. Follow the directions on the pictures:

In short:
Fold the square in 4
Cut out 1 square
Fold the 2 outer corners
Cut these out too
Glue the 2 triangles together to form the bookmark.

Glue the penguin on top and there you go! Ofcourse there’s an endless amount of possibilities to make with this shape. Have fun trying and I’d love to see some pictures!

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