Paper bow

Almost christmas and that means you probably want to wrap some gifts for others. This decoration doesn’t take much time to make at all and it looks great under the christmas tree.

What do you need:

3 square sheets of paper (preferably with on 1 side a pattern and empty on the other side)
1 button (or something similar, a beat or even a christmas ball would work too I think)

To use:
2 sided tape

Put 1 square in front of you, pattern side down and 1 of the corners pointing at you. Fold through the middle (from 1 corner to another) and fold back again. Then fold the 2 outside corners to the middle of the paper so you get a paper bag like picture:

Put a little piece of 2 sided tape in the short corner on the side with the pattern. Fold the opposite corner this way and secure it on the tape:

Do the same thing with the another square.
Bring the 2 pieces together with the round sides pointing outwards. secure the inside corners with more tape.

Now cut out 4 of the ribbons in the following pattern:

The only thing left to do now is assemble it together. Flip over 2 of the ribbons so that it reveals the empty backside and assemble them on the bow with 2 sided tape like in the picture. Cut out a little square from the leftover paper and put this in the middle on the bow to cover everything up. Now all you need to add is a button in the middle. I used glue for this just to be sure.

Note: If you’re struggling with the pattern for the ribbons, use a simple sheet of paper, fold it double and cut out half of the ribbon shape. Then use this to draw 4 shapes on the square.

Note: I noticed that after a few days the 2 sided tape was letting go a bit. To be sure the whole bow stays together you could use glue instead of tape and use a clothespin to make sure it won’t let go while drying.

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