About me

Hello, I’m Judith, 25 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My boyfriend lives in Denmark, where I sometimes spend a few weeks as well. In December 2015 I started being on a diet. I couldn’t close my eyes any longer to what I was doing to my body and I was determined to turn it around. This worked, I managed to loose about 20 kilo’s. However, I stopped caring about what I was eating and before I knew it, I gained almost 10 kilo again. I love baking cake and other things, and both me and my partner enjoy going on little roadtrips in the weekend. That usually ends up with us at Sunset Boulevard, a combination of Burger King and Subway, only slightly more healthy. Since this can’t really be considered healthy, I’d like to change it.

Everyone keeps saying the same things over and over when it comes to being on a diet:
– Don’t see it as a diet, see it as changing and improving your lifestyle!
– After a while you really don’t care about cake or other unhealthy things anymore.

Ofcourse, in a way they’re right. After all, you are changing your lifestyle (to avoid what I did, loosing 20, gaining 10) and it will be more easy to say no to the piece of pie you get offered. However, I’m not a big fan of making things prettier than they are. You can call it changing your lifestyle all you want, fact is, I’m on a diet and I’m not allowed to eat as much as I want or what I want. I just have to learn to live with that, set boundaries, reward myself in a different way and enjoy the moments I allow myself to have something unhealthy.
It does get more easy to say no to unhealthy things and to learn what is considered healthy and what not. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather have that nice cookie instead of this banana. It remains to be a struggle and the more I’m aware of what I put in my mouth, the better.


In July 2016 I lost my job due to my contract ending. After spending a few months in Denmark with boyfriend I noticed that I was a bit lost when I was home again. What do I do all day when there’s no goal? How do I make food just for 1 person? There wouldn’t be anyone coming home from work, I could do anything I wanted and make a big mess and no one would even notice. That made me want to set up this blog. At first I wanted it to just be a collection of recipes and DIY things. Then I realized I would have to go on a diet anyway. And this time I would have to find out a way that actually works. Why not inspire other as well?

As I already mention in my “Hello and welcome”, English is not my native language. That means that I will make mistakes and I want to apologize for that. I chose to make this blog in English because I communicate with my boyfriend in English. This is the language I speak more than Dutch and regularly I think in English as well. And it is a nice plus, that he can read my blog too now. Then ofcourse, I can reach more people by writing in English. Secretly I’m hoping I can translate the pages to Dutch as well, but I’m not sure if I want to spend all the time in writing everything twice.

Anyway, I wish you a lot of fun in reading this blog and I hope you can find the courage and strength to set the first step. If you want to contact me, on the Contact page you can find the means to do so. Enjoy!

Much love, Judith

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