Making excuses to not start with a diet

Making excuses to yourself is such an easy thing to do.

“It’s been a long day and I’m tired, I’ll go exercise tomorrow.”
“I’ve been careful with what I’m eating the entire day, so I really deserve this cookie right now.”
“I really can’t start with being on a diet this week, I’m far too busy and stressed out, I’ll start next week.”
“I don’t have the money to eat healthy at the moment, I’ll do it when I get my salary.”
“Life is short, I can always start with a diet later.”

But what also counts is coming home late and not feeling like cooking a healthy dinner. So you order something unhealthy and tell yourself that you’ve been busy enough. And you really don’t care about that nagging voice that tells you it’s wrong what you’re doing. You want your reward for the day. A healthy, slim body will take 6 months or longer to achieve. But that unhealthy dinner is right in front of you, ready to comfort you and make you feel good for a little while. And really, 1 day of eating unhealthy won’t make a change, right? So before you know it, you take the unhealthy choice.

There’s no magic trick

The story I wrote there happens to me a lot. Really, a lot. Life is all about making choices, every single second of a day. Making the right choices is difficult. Setting the right priorities is difficult. I’m not going to lie to you. There is no magic trick that will help you in making the right decisions. You want something? You have to work for it. There’s never going to be a moment where suddenly everything becomes clear. If you keep closing your eyes you won’t get the realization that something needs to change.

Sometimes you read stories about people that all of a sudden knew they were doing things wrong. So they went to live healthy and BAM! Six months later they had an amazing body. And they never had any difficulties achieving this, because their minds knew exactly what to do. The chances of this every happening to you aren’t very realistic. And do you really want to wait till there’s no other option? Till the doctor tells you, you have to go on a diet or you will get diabetic? Or worse, die? Ask yourself, is my health really not important to me until my body clearly lets me know I have gone way too far? Health is not an occasional choice, it’s a way of life.

Finding excuses for laziness

Sometimes it’s no more than laziness that’s keeping you from reaching your goals. You don’t have time, or money and you’re really tired. You want to make things as easy as they can be for yourself. In that case, all I can tell you is: “You need a good kick in the butt!” Really, stop closing your eyes and making excuses.
I bet at this moment your thoughts are doing exactly that.
“She doesn’t know how busy I am!”
“I really don’t have a lot of money!”
“Easy for her to talk, she doesn’t know my life.”
No, I don’t know your life. But I do know what it means to make excuses. If you’re too busy to make time for getting healthy, then you don’t have the right priorities. If you don’t have enough money, figure out where you can buy cheap vegetables and try to look for low-budget healthy recipes. Make a plan and stop making excuses. Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough.

Looking for excuses in fear

In some cases it’s fear that’s keeping you from setting a step in the right direction. Maybe your life isn’t perfect right now, but at least you know what you have. Okay, you’re not being really healthy, but maybe it’ll get worse when you try to change this. Fear of failing once more, fear of change. But also fear of having to deny yourself things that make you comfortable (food) and fear of leaving your comfort zone and not knowing what’s out there.

Ask yourself, what’s the worse thing that can happen when I try to change myself in something better? I bet the only answers coming to your mind right now is your own fear stopping you. Don’t listen to it and try it, stick a little finger out of your comfort zone and try two fingers tomorrow. The more good choices you make, the more you will start feeling good about yourself. Your confidence will get a boost every time you manage to say no to something unhealthy and decide to cook dinner instead. Your confidence will be even more boosted when you’ve exercised. You deserve this and you can do this. Don’t let your mind stop you from what you want.

Tips to make it easier:

– Find a buddy who has also been making excuses to him/herself for years about not being on a diet and start together. (No, not finding a buddy is not an excuse to delay it!)

– Give yourself permission to spend time on you. Your health is important, not only for you but also for your family. The to-do list can wait.

РHave a good routine in your day and make a plan on how you can be on a diet and exercise in that routine. I know, making a plan sounds clich̩ and boring. But it does work.

– Be realistic. Did you know that loosing even just 5% of your body weight can already make a big change in your health? Your confidence will get a nice boost whenever you reach a goal you have set. But don’t make the goals too high, baby steps.

– Track your process in a journal or an app or start writing on a forum or a blog. It’s great to see the things you have achieved and it makes you want to do it good.

– Tell your family and friends you are going on a diet. I know, this is a very scary thing because if you fail they will all laugh at you. Or will they? This makes the motivation to not fail a lot bigger and they’ll probably help you with tips and encouraging compliments.

I have been there, I have given myself all excuses and reasons to why I shouldn’t be on a diet. Trust me, I know it’s hard to push yourself in the right direction. The only thing I can promise you is: It will get better. You will feel better the moment you decide to change your life. You can have results, or excuses, not both. Now shut the excuses and get up to change!


Note: I used no whining dieting excuses to write down some of the tips. This is a really useful article so I’d recommend you to take a look at it.

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